#42: Majarc Anderson “UX for VR: Joys and Pitfalls, a 60 Day Journey” & Jan Rod “Designing Custom Hardware Interfaces for the HTC Vive”

Thanks to everyone who came out Friday night to the presentations at AQ! It was a chilly night, but so many of you braved it in order to hear our two wonderful speakers talk about VR and share their toys. Thanks also to AQ for being out generous hosts!

Dear Zuck (and facebook product teams) is a Medium article about ethics in design.

The Gamers Brain: How Neuroscience and UX can impact video game design – a very intriguing book for those that are interested indelving deeper inside of the UX behind games.

How to Get started with UX – another Medium article written by UX Talk Tokyo regular Bill Tribble about getting started in UX.

ProtoPie.io – Another new prototyping app with a very cool feature called “bridge,” where you can use two devices while testing prototypes.

21_21 design site has an exhibition called “Wild: Untamed Mind” which will be ended on February 4th, so get there while you can!

An amusing gif on popular mechanics on the massive UX failure that set off the missile warning system in Hawaii.

suiren.io – A kanji association web app that links different Kanji together.


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