#45: Ryan Barkataki “Let’s go to the Movies!” & Emily Loeb “All About VUI Design”

Thank you everyone who came out to enjoy great talks! Thanks to Goodpatch for letting us use their event space for this crowded talk!

Goodpatch just launched a new service called ReDesigner, a service that helps people transition into the design industry.

A Dieter Rams documentary is coming out soon, and here are a few teaser clips!

A book on Silicon Valley culture called Live Work Work Work Die.

Hexagon UX is a great organization that supports woman and non-binary individuals in UX.

Another Prototyping app has come out, called Supernova Studios.

Design Hub in Tokyo Midtown is coming out with its student show soon! Make sure to check it out!

An art exhibit in Yokohama about typography is worth checking out!

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