#47: Tom Coombs: “Recruiting for Research Studies” / Ingrid Elias: “Why Being a Dungeon Master Helped me Become a Better Researcher”

Thank you everyone who came out to enjoy the talks on Thursday! Also, thanks to Indeed as always for letting us use their space for this talk as well as providing an enormous amount of pizza!

Some of the great links from last night:

Safari is a place where those interested in reading and learning about design and development can sign up to read, watch, and take courses from world famous O’Reilly Company.

Speaking of O’Reilly, one recommended book of theirs is Designing with Data. Great if you’re interested in A/B testing.

More on reading… For the next few days, Humble Bundle is selling a great bundle of UX books for a low low price. Catch it while you can!

On September 19th (Wednesday), Hexagon UX Tokyo is doing another event. Sign up on Connpass!

Another prototyping tool to try out, Protopie has some great versatility.

The second prototyping tool of the night was indigo.design, a program that turns design into Angular code.

It was mentioned last month, but framer X has gone into beta!

Lobe takes prototyping to a whole different level by using deep learning to build interactions.

Microsoft AI lab is still developing their new Sketch2Code application which will literally take sketches and turn the image into code with surprisingly accurate results.

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