Announcing UX Talk Tokyo #27

June’s UX Talk Tokyo has just gone up on DoorKeeper! This month, we will be talking about wearables and research.

There will be two presentations:

“Why Should I Wear This? Human-centered Value Propositions for Wearables” by Mario Ruiz
This talk will take a human-centered design approach to evaluating and crafting value propositions, and then translating them into physical and digital prototypes for wearables.

Mario is part of Ignite, Salesforce’s strategic human-centered innovation program. He has a BS in Product Design from Stanford University and a Master of Design Methods degree from the Institute of Design.

“Challenges in Qualitative Data Research” by Hiroyuki Shibata
When it comes to producing products in a company, a lot of the strategy and marketing is informed by the data received from qualitative research. Very often, you have to show correlations between research and business results. This presentation will cover the challenges that faces and examples of methods used for this.

Shibata-san is a long time supporter of UXTalkTokyo (and UX in general!) and works for Yahoo! Japan in the development of service products, and introducing user feedback to the design process.

Please note the different venue this time. The event will be free, but there will be no food or drink. (There will be a nijikai, venue TBD).

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Announcing UX Talk Tokyo #8

The next event will be on Wednesday 30 April. There will be two talks …

“Using Analytics to Improve UX”
This presentation will give a brief introduction to analytics, and cover when you should use analytics, what you should measure, and what tools exist for analytics.
by Paul McMahon

“Project case study”
A UX project case study.
by Jan Rod

The details and sign up are here on Doorkeeper.

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UX Talk Tokyo #6: “Mobile UI Design” & “UX Strategy diagrams”

There will be two presentations next week …

“Cross-platform mobile interface design”
  by Mark McFarlane

“UX strategy diagrams”
  by Tom Coombs

Registration is here on Doorkeeper.

Thanks to Markus & Ryan for their presentations last time. The slides are below, and here are the links from the link-share:

Peek from User Testing – Submit your website & get user video reviews.
Usability hub – Submit your website and get user responses to specific questions. – iOS app plugin to allow user testing of apps. (Mark: “It’s amazing”)
Glide – video texting app
Hapon co-working space Shinjuku
And finally …
Some musical entertainment on the double bass

Markus Hebelein’s slides from his presentation …

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UX Talk Tokyo #4: “Service Experience Design” & “iOS app Redesign”

This Wednesday (20 Nov) will be the 4th UX Talk Tokyo, the last one of the year.

• Hiroyuki Shibata of Yahoo Japan will give a presentation on Service Experience Design
• Paul Cohen will present on the redesign process for his harmonica training app HarpNinja

Please sign up on Doorkeeper.

As usual it’s at Gengo, with the usual trimmings of … networking, potato chips and warm lager. Anyone interested in UX is welcome.

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UX Talk Tokyo #3: Eye tracking on mobile

Event number 3 is happening next Wednesday.

Kanayama-san (aka “Toy-san”) will talk about eye tracking testing on mobile devices.
Edit: Also, Yamauchi-san will talk about “Sound interaction design”

As usual it’s at 7pm in Shibuya at Gengo (thanks Gengo).

If you’d like to join us, please sign up on the Doorkeeper sign-up page. And/or if you’d like to get news of future events, please sign up on the form on the right of this page.

Maybe see you next week.

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