#55 Lars Rosengren and Karen Vazquez

Thanks for everyone who came out last week for UX Talk Tokyo #55, with presentations by Lars Rosengren (“Agile”) and Karen Vazquez: (“Understanding by Design (UbD)”), and a special thanks to our hosts at Zehitomo.

Here are the links from the Show and Tell portion of our evening.

Framer is now going to the web!

Netflix’s “Art of Design” features an episode with Ian Spalter, head of Instagram design, and features a little bit on Origami, our fave prototyping tool

Talking of Shows, HBO’s Silicon Valley is back and parodies the tech world brilliantly. First five seasons are on JP Amazon Prime

Talking of satire, would you know this was a joke?

Protopie is now going full on collaboration!

21_21’s Inspiration exhibition is a must for those interested in the process of design

Here are the the Good Design Award Winners for 2019

And here is the job posting for a UX researcher at Google.

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#52: Aki Saarinen on “AI” & Lehel Babos on “UI Animation”

Thank you everyone that came out to Indeed’s Tamachi office last week! We had a great turn out with lots of new faces. 🙂 And thanks to Indeed for hosting in the new beautiful office!

One of our speakers offered access to his deck to anyone interested over here on Github. Enjoy~

Ola, A smooth UI animation library.

One of our member’s personal projects, an Anki-inspired study tool.

Tokyo Tech meet ups and events.

Don Norman wrote a few articles this month; One about empathy, and the other about user-friendly design.

This month’s recommended pre-order book is “Jobs to be Done Playbook.”

Tokyo Tech Meetup group on Meetup.com

There are some cool exhibits at the Sony Ginza park. Like Wikitopia!

Design Notes is another way for Designers to collect inspiration.

Several well-known prototyping services came out with updates recently including: Figma Plus, Protopie, Adobe XD, and Framer.

There is another cool exhibit happening at the Design Hub in Tokyo Mid-town.

If you want to take a walk down internet memory lane, take a look at the game Hypnospace.

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#51: Adam Yukio Toda: “From Design to Product Launch” / Dehui Chen: “Next Gen Social Networking”

Thanks to everyone who came out to IDEO for the event! As always, we appreciate your attendance and enthusiasm. 🙂 Thanks again to IDEO as well!

Present your designs in a flashy way with Rotato! You don’t even need to know anything about After Effects or Cinema 4D~
Create augmented reality easily with Torch app.
Castro is a podcast catcher that helps you stay organized.
An illustration library you can customize at will! Humaaan!
A podcast on data visualization produced an especially enlightening episode: 119 Colors with Karen Schloss.
Check out this site of Scientific Color Maps.
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#49: Chris Cid: Practical Accessibility / Eric Chan: “Design Processes through the Eyes of an Artist”

Thank you everyone that came out to Yahoo! Lodge last night! We have a great turn out with lots of new faces. 🙂 And thanks to Yahoo!

There is a Design Research Tokyo event tonight at Twitter! Sign up on Connpass.

Similarly, Indeed is hosting their first UX Night on January 31st. Sign up is also hosted on Connpass.

Final Connpass event is Free Worker Wednesdays, an event for freelancers who want to feel more social during their work week.

Slido is an app for sharing event links (like these!). Make a hashtag and quickly share links.

Tortu.io introduces another prototyping app for everyone to try out.

An interesting article on BGR was shared about a new drop down menu for iOS devices.

A UX Rant on ARS Technica was shared about the apple TV remote.

A great resource for learning about web accessibility!

Gamasutra wrote a good article about the UX of Netflix’s new experiment Bandersnatch.

And finally, Pecha Kucha is hosting their event for the last time in their space Super Deluxe.

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#47: Tom Coombs: “Recruiting for Research Studies” / Ingrid Elias: “Why Being a Dungeon Master Helped me Become a Better Researcher”

Thank you everyone who came out to enjoy the talks on Thursday! Also, thanks to Indeed as always for letting us use their space for this talk as well as providing an enormous amount of pizza!

Some of the great links from last night:

Safari is a place where those interested in reading and learning about design and development can sign up to read, watch, and take courses from world famous O’Reilly Company.

Speaking of O’Reilly, one recommended book of theirs is Designing with Data. Great if you’re interested in A/B testing.

More on reading… For the next few days, Humble Bundle is selling a great bundle of UX books for a low low price. Catch it while you can!

On September 19th (Wednesday), Hexagon UX Tokyo is doing another event. Sign up on Connpass!

Another prototyping tool to try out, Protopie has some great versatility.

The second prototyping tool of the night was indigo.design, a program that turns design into Angular code.

It was mentioned last month, but framer X has gone into beta!

Lobe takes prototyping to a whole different level by using deep learning to build interactions.

Microsoft AI lab is still developing their new Sketch2Code application which will literally take sketches and turn the image into code with surprisingly accurate results.

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#46: Kazuki Jin: “Don’t hesitate, just say it! – Managing Designers Feedback” and Julie Schiller: “A strengths-based approach to your UX career”

Thank you everyone who came out to enjoy the talks on Monday! Thanks to beBit for letting us use their space for this talk!

Phase – is another prototyping app that has launched its beta.

Framer X – Framer has changed it up so that it is now react based.

21_21 Design has an audio architecture exhibit going on right now.

Team Lab has launched two exhibits in Odaiba: Borderless and Planets


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#45: Ryan Barkataki “Let’s go to the Movies!” & Emily Loeb “All About VUI Design”

Thank you everyone who came out to enjoy great talks! Thanks to Goodpatch for letting us use their event space for this crowded talk!

Goodpatch just launched a new service called ReDesigner, a service that helps people transition into the design industry.

A Dieter Rams documentary is coming out soon, and here are a few teaser clips!

A book on Silicon Valley culture called Live Work Work Work Die.

Hexagon UX is a great organization that supports woman and non-binary individuals in UX.

Another Prototyping app has come out, called Supernova Studios.

Design Hub in Tokyo Midtown is coming out with its student show soon! Make sure to check it out!

An art exhibit in Yokohama about typography is worth checking out!

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#43: Ryan Neil: “XR (extended reality)” & Ryan Barkataki: “UX Design for Industrial Design for UX Design”


Thank you everyone who came out last night to enjoy some pizza and great talks! As always, thanks to Indeed (Meguro) for letting us use their amazing space for our event!

The Laws of UX is a site designed in a really fun, retro style.
Marcin Wichary (Twitter) is a twitter feed about Japan that comments on the usability of various services.
Underway. Product Managers: Get yourselves out of the weeds
JupyterLab is ready for users to start testing out.

Presenter Links

UX/UI tools for VR
Which VR design tool should you use?
 Oxford Virtual Reality (VR) for Mental Health
Therapists are using VR headsets to cure phobias
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#42: Majarc Anderson “UX for VR: Joys and Pitfalls, a 60 Day Journey” & Jan Rod “Designing Custom Hardware Interfaces for the HTC Vive”

Thanks to everyone who came out Friday night to the presentations at AQ! It was a chilly night, but so many of you braved it in order to hear our two wonderful speakers talk about VR and share their toys. Thanks also to AQ for being out generous hosts!

Dear Zuck (and facebook product teams) is a Medium article about ethics in design.

The Gamers Brain: How Neuroscience and UX can impact video game design – a very intriguing book for those that are interested indelving deeper inside of the UX behind games.

How to Get started with UX – another Medium article written by UX Talk Tokyo regular Bill Tribble about getting started in UX.

ProtoPie.io – Another new prototyping app with a very cool feature called “bridge,” where you can use two devices while testing prototypes.

21_21 design site has an exhibition called “Wild: Untamed Mind” which will be ended on February 4th, so get there while you can!

An amusing gif on popular mechanics on the massive UX failure that set off the missile warning system in Hawaii.

suiren.io – A kanji association web app that links different Kanji together.


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#41: Alvaro Arregui : “Metabolist Mobility” & Chelsea Hostetter : “Becoming an Ethical Designer”

IMG_3318 IMG_3319 IMG_3320 IMG_3321

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to the presentations at NinetyTwo13! It was a chilly night, but we had a lot of new and old faces joining us for the two spectacular talks. Hope everyone enjoyed the drinks & snacks provided as well. This will be our LAST UX TALK TOKYO OF THE YEAR. I know, it makes me sad too… but we will back in full swing in 2018! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and feel free to get in touch with Ryan or Tom if you are interested in giving a talk in the new year. 🙂

DIYA is a sketch plugin that assists designers with making two screen interaction animations.

Funkify is a disability simulator chrome extension. The intention is to make designers and developers more aware of accessible design and the needs of those communities.

Tragic Design is a book published by O’Reilly that talks not of design success, but about design failures. It is never too late to learn from the mistakes of the past.

Tokyo.Keyboards is an instagram account run by a UX Talk Tokyoite on a journey to learn about the manufacturing of electronics in Japan and abroad.

uxtimeline is a hilarious look back at everyone’s favorite products and services, and the journey they took in design over time.

21_21 has a new exhibit called “Wild Untamed Mind” going on now until February 4th.

At the same time you are visiting 21_21, Design Hub has a free exhibit called “Habu & Mongoose” going on in Tokyo Midtown until December 24th.

Our first speaker mentioned a rather interesting book called “Ends: Why we overlook endings for humans, products, services and digital” by Joe Macleod. Our second speaker mentioned a rather interesting article on design ethics written by Allan Chochinov called “A 1000 Words, Manifesto in the Sustainability of Design“. Check them out!


See you all next year!

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