#41: Alvaro Arregui : “Metabolist Mobility” & Chelsea Hostetter : “Becoming an Ethical Designer”

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Thanks to everyone who came out last night to the presentations at NinetyTwo13! It was a chilly night, but we had a lot of new and old faces joining us for the two spectacular talks. Hope everyone enjoyed the drinks & snacks provided as well. This will be our LAST UX TALK TOKYO OF THE YEAR. I know, it makes me sad too… but we will back in full swing in 2018! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and feel free to get in touch with Ryan or Tom if you are interested in giving a talk in the new year. 🙂

DIYA is a sketch plugin that assists designers with making two screen interaction animations.

Funkify is a disability simulator chrome extension. The intention is to make designers and developers more aware of accessible design and the needs of those communities.

Tragic Design is a book published by O’Reilly that talks not of design success, but about design failures. It is never too late to learn from the mistakes of the past.

Tokyo.Keyboards is an instagram account run by a UX Talk Tokyoite on a journey to learn about the manufacturing of electronics in Japan and abroad.

uxtimeline is a hilarious look back at everyone’s favorite products and services, and the journey they took in design over time.

21_21 has a new exhibit called “Wild Untamed Mind” going on now until February 4th.

At the same time you are visiting 21_21, Design Hub has a free exhibit called “Habu & Mongoose” going on in Tokyo Midtown until December 24th.

Our first speaker mentioned a rather interesting book called “Ends: Why we overlook endings for humans, products, services and digital” by Joe Macleod. Our second speaker mentioned a rather interesting article on design ethics written by Allan Chochinov called “A 1000 Words, Manifesto in the Sustainability of Design“. Check them out!


See you all next year!

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#40: Tom Coombs: “Behaviour Modification” / Meghan Radke: “Design Process review”

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Thanks to everyone who came out last night to the presentations at Indeed (Meguro). We had a wonderful turnout, and Indeed was kind enough to provide pizza and drinks for everyone. As always, thanks Indeed!!

Geek Girls Carrots is an organization that aims at empowering women in tech. Check out their website for future meetups in Tokyo or if you want to share your story.

The Field Study Handbook is now on sale, for anyone looking to brush up their skills in the world of field research.

InVision Studio has announced that they will be coming out with a product that allows designers to not only make prototypes but make designs.

An article by Engadget has come out about the design of the technology in the latest Bladerunner movie.

Adobe XD is finally out of beta version!

An interesting scientific case study called, “Interoceptive Ability Predicts Survival on a London Trading Floor” is worth taking a look at.

Design Hub’s Good Design Award exhibit is ending at the end of this month, so go while you still have the chance!

Sketch to AE is another sketch tool worth checking out.

Facebook has recently come out with Keyframes, which are scalable vector animations. This integrates well with Facebook’s Origami studio program as well.

Ultra Super New wanted to let the community know that they are currently looking for a front end developer to join their team.


See you all next month!

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#39: Bill Tribble : “How to Win at Remote Work” / Yukino Kohmoto “UX Around Machine Learning”

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Thank you to everyone who came out Tuesday night to the event! Also, thanks as always to our wonderful hosts in the sky. Thanks Pivotal! We had two great talks (both translated by UX Talk Tokyo’s own Ryan Barkataki) by Bill Tribble and Yukino Kohmoto. Thanks for your hard work and great insight!

Sketch Libraries, where designers can now share Symbols across documents and have them update to be always kept in sync.

Invision + Trello : a new way to embed InVision prototypes in Trello cards.

21_21 Exhibit “How far will you go“, ending at the beginning of October. (June 23, 2017 (Fri) – October 1, 2017 (Sun))

Design Hub has the Good Design Award of 2017 exhibit starting October 4th.

Roppongi Art Night, happening from September 30th- October 1st, it is a:

one-night art extravaganza staged in the district of Roppongi. The event proposes a pioneering model for urban development as well as a lifestyle that celebrates the enjoyment of art in our everyday lives. Presenting contemporary art, design, music, film, and performances, Roppongi Art Night offers an extraordinary experience.

Abstract, another platform that aims at helping design teams work together more efficiently.

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#38: Bert Brautigam – “The Evolution of Design Thinking” / Ryan Barkataki : “All About Origami”

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Thank you to everyone who made it out to our event last night at Goodpatch on Thursday! We had some very fun and informative talks last night by Bert Brautigam and UX Talk’s own Ryan Barkataki. Thank you Goodpatch for hosting us in your amazing space!

Figma has just launched ANOTHER great addition to their product by making prototyping a breeze.

Another favorite tool, Zeplin, has just added a feature where developers can export react native code snippets directly from the app.

Team Lab has a new interactive exhibit going in Tokyo called Team Lab Jungle. It’s up until September 10th so don’t miss out!

An exhibit by Naoto Fukasawa entitled “AMBIENT” is going on until October 1st at the Shiodome Museum.

We were introduced to another prototyping app called Kite Composer,  only available for Mac/iOS.

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UX Talk Tokyo #37: Aaron Kovalcsik: “Using Sprints as a SuperPower” & Ryan Ruel : “Designing Deliverables”

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Thank you to everyone who made it out to our event last night at Indeed (in Meguro). We had a great turnout and two inspiring talks by Aaron Kovalcsik (Indeed) and Ryan Ruel (AQ Works). Thank you Indeed for hosting us in your great space! Now, onto the link sharing.

We learned about a handy app called Textwell, which allows you to send memos and messages to a variety of other apps.

For the slack-haters among us, check out Twist, an app that focuses more on threads than direct messages.

Just in case you can’t have enough prototyping tools, Kite Composer is another application worth trying out.

The Best Interface is No Interface” is now for sale on Amazon Japan in Japanese!

Origami has released even more possibilities for complex interactions when trying to make prototypes.

Along the same line as Origami, Noodl is another prototyping platform that could be useful for quick user testing.

Our friends at AQ have made their own Slackbot: Meekee. Meekee looks at google calendars and helps remind members of upcoming meetings.

::Articles worth reading this month::

The worst volume control UI in the world” by Fabricio Teixeira

The future is imminent: 9 Design trends for 2018” by the infamous Chase Buckley

Perfect Japanese Typography” by AQ

Japanese Typography on the Web & Beyond: Part One” by AQ

Crafting Link Underlines on Medium” by Medium

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UX Talk Tokyo #36: Jan Rod: “Reflections on Present Discussions on the Future of UX Design” & Eric Chan : “Design Thinking & Strategy”

ux6 ux2 ux3 ux4 ux5 ux1

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event at IDEO! It’s always wonderful to be hosted by the kind people at IDEO, so thank you again!

The show & tell links that were shared this week are as follows:

Book recommendation of the month: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Second book recommendation of the month: Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Craft launched their prototyping mode so that you can quickly export designs to Invision.

Principle now allows you to export animations to an app view.

TV Recommendation of the month: HBO’s Silicon Valley

21_21 Design Sight has an amazing exhibit through the end of the week about athletes.

Figma is slowly becoming a more robust design and collaboration tool.

eepmon.com – the personal website of last night’s second presenter Eric Chan.


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UX Talk #35: Ryan Barkataki: “Thoughts on UX in Healthcare” & Julien Henrotte: “Interaction Design for Humans”

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the event at Pivotal! Pivotal was very kind to offer their office AGAIN as our event space this month. Thank you!

This month’s show-and-tell links are as follows:

David Bowie Exhibit

Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix

Typography Plugin for Sketch

UX Days Tokyo 2017

Keynote Hints through Apple

Auto Layout plugin for Sketch

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UX Talk Tokyo #34: “React Native” by Mark McFarlane & “Culture & People” by Davide Petrillo

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the event last night at Indeed! Indeed was very kind to offer their office AGAIN as our event space this month. Thank you!

Some upcoming events we were notified of were:

Canvas UX Round Table
28th February @ Taachi HQ

ReactJS Meetup
16th March @ Taachi HQ

Tokyo Creative Round Table
21st March @ Taachi HQ

This month’s show-and-tell links are as follows:


Origami Studio 2017

Auto Layout Plugin for Sketch

David Bowie exhibit

A Better Way to Make Buttons in Sketch – Article on Medium

React Native Tokyo on Meetup

Abstract App – git for designers

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UX Talk Tokyo #32: “Mastery through a passion-project” by Alvaro Arregui & “Flow’ in UX design” by Tom Coombs

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event last night in Roppongi Hills! Pivotal was very kind to offer their office AGAIN as our event space this month. Thank you so much!!!

unnamed unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3

This month’s show-and-tell links are as follows:

Origami, a handy prototyping tool for Android and iOS from Facebook.

Adobe XD is finally out for public Beta! If you haven’t already, give it a try.

Lookback: “Perform real-time remote user research. Communicate directly with users – see what they see and get their reactions. Test anywhere on laptops and mobile devices – no cables or cameras required.”

A free exhibit, The Science of Design, is going on until the 25th of December in Tokyo Midtown.

Apple has produced a book that chronicles the past 20 years of their design.

Fuse Tools helps designers and developers produce native apps and prototypes for iOS and Android quickly.

21_21 Design Sight’s current exhibition is called Design Anatomy.

AI Experiments: “Explore machine learning by playing with pictures, language, music, code, and more.”

The translated version of “Design Sprint” is going on sale shortly on O’Reilly Japan.

A book recommendation, “What the Internet is doing to our brains“.

And last but not least, a blog post by Bill Tribble, “Why you should try a tech-free morning“.


See you next month everyone!

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UX Talk #31: “Keeping Your Users in the Loop” by Hawken King & “GV Design Sprints” by Roy Husada

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our event last night in Ebisu! Indeed was very kind to offer their office as our event space this month. Thank you!!

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This month’s show-and-tell links are as follows:

Sneakpeekit is a free wireframe sketching template for those who like to start on paper before they jump to the screen.

This month, Figma launched. It is a browser-specific design tool that functions similarly to Sketch that includes real-time feedback and collaboration features.

Origami is a powerful design prototyping tool made by Facebook.

This month, we had two TV show recommendations. First is a Netflix Original called Black Mirror. We also recommened HBO’s show Westworld. Both shows use technology and sci-fi to tell their stories.

Try out this Facial recognition test to see just how good you are at remembering the people you meet each month at UX Talk Tokyo.

In relation to the first talk last night, the Design Sprint book has been translated into Japanese and can be purchased through Amazon.

Duco, an app that functions as a practical guide to running design sprints.

Bill Tribble’s article about this month’s Span conference.

The biggest PechaKucha event of the year is taking place this Wednesday (tomorrow), Oct 26th to kick-off Tokyo Designers Week.

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