UX Talk Tokyo #36: Jan Rod: “Reflections on Present Discussions on the Future of UX Design” & Eric Chan : “Design Thinking & Strategy”

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the event at IDEO! It’s always wonderful to be hosted by the kind people at IDEO, so thank you again!

The show & tell links that were shared this week are as follows:

Book recommendation of the month: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Second book recommendation of the month: Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Craft launched their prototyping mode so that you can quickly export designs to Invision.

Principle now allows you to export animations to an app view.

TV Recommendation of the month: HBO’s Silicon Valley

21_21 Design Sight has an amazing exhibit through the end of the week about athletes.

Figma is slowly becoming a more robust design and collaboration tool.

eepmon.com – the personal website of last night’s second presenter Eric Chan.


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UX Talk #35: Ryan Barkataki: “Thoughts on UX in Healthcare” & Julien Henrotte: “Interaction Design for Humans”

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the event at Pivotal! Pivotal was very kind to offer their office AGAIN as our event space this month. Thank you!

This month’s show-and-tell links are as follows:

David Bowie Exhibit

Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix

Typography Plugin for Sketch

UX Days Tokyo 2017

Keynote Hints through Apple

Auto Layout plugin for Sketch

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UX Talk Tokyo #34: “React Native” by Mark McFarlane & “Culture & People” by Davide Petrillo

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the event last night at Indeed! Indeed was very kind to offer their office AGAIN as our event space this month. Thank you!

Some upcoming events we were notified of were:

Canvas UX Round Table
28th February @ Taachi HQ

ReactJS Meetup
16th March @ Taachi HQ

Tokyo Creative Round Table
21st March @ Taachi HQ

This month’s show-and-tell links are as follows:


Origami Studio 2017

Auto Layout Plugin for Sketch

David Bowie exhibit

A Better Way to Make Buttons in Sketch – Article on Medium

React Native Tokyo on Meetup

Abstract App – git for designers

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UX Talk Tokyo #32: “Mastery through a passion-project” by Alvaro Arregui & “Flow’ in UX design” by Tom Coombs

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event last night in Roppongi Hills! Pivotal was very kind to offer their office AGAIN as our event space this month. Thank you so much!!!

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This month’s show-and-tell links are as follows:

Origami, a handy prototyping tool for Android and iOS from Facebook.

Adobe XD is finally out for public Beta! If you haven’t already, give it a try.

Lookback: “Perform real-time remote user research. Communicate directly with users – see what they see and get their reactions. Test anywhere on laptops and mobile devices – no cables or cameras required.”

A free exhibit, The Science of Design, is going on until the 25th of December in Tokyo Midtown.

Apple has produced a book that chronicles the past 20 years of their design.

Fuse Tools helps designers and developers produce native apps and prototypes for iOS and Android quickly.

21_21 Design Sight’s current exhibition is called Design Anatomy.

AI Experiments: “Explore machine learning by playing with pictures, language, music, code, and more.”

The translated version of “Design Sprint” is going on sale shortly on O’Reilly Japan.

A book recommendation, “What the Internet is doing to our brains“.

And last but not least, a blog post by Bill Tribble, “Why you should try a tech-free morning“.


See you next month everyone!

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UX Talk #31: “Keeping Your Users in the Loop” by Hawken King & “GV Design Sprints” by Roy Husada

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our event last night in Ebisu! Indeed was very kind to offer their office as our event space this month. Thank you!!

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This month’s show-and-tell links are as follows:

Sneakpeekit is a free wireframe sketching template for those who like to start on paper before they jump to the screen.

This month, Figma launched. It is a browser-specific design tool that functions similarly to Sketch that includes real-time feedback and collaboration features.

Origami is a powerful design prototyping tool made by Facebook.

This month, we had two TV show recommendations. First is a Netflix Original called Black Mirror. We also recommened HBO’s show Westworld. Both shows use technology and sci-fi to tell their stories.

Try out this Facial recognition test to see just how good you are at remembering the people you meet each month at UX Talk Tokyo.

In relation to the first talk last night, the Design Sprint book has been translated into Japanese and can be purchased through Amazon.

Duco, an app that functions as a practical guide to running design sprints.

Bill Tribble’s article about this month’s Span conference.

The biggest PechaKucha event of the year is taking place this Wednesday (tomorrow), Oct 26th to kick-off Tokyo Designers Week.

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UX Talk Tokyo #30 : “AI for designers” & “Agile UX and branding”

Thank you to everyone for coming out to last night’s event! We had an amazing turn out with lots of new and returning members. We’d also like to give a big thanks to Pivotal for hosting last night in their lovely Roppongi Hills office.

Just to recap, we had two great talks last night:

1) AI for designers by James Bowskill
AI is the hot topic at the moment, but what does it mean for designers? How is AI going to affect the way we work, and what new skills are we going to need to design it? James will share his findings and also demo thegrid.io, the long awaited tool that promises “no more reliance on web designers”.

2) Agile UX and branding by Alexander Auld
Alexander will talk about large project he worked on recently which used agile UX methods and involved branding.

We also had a healthy set of show-and-tell links this week, so take a look below:

Up Arrows shared a bot they have developed to pick up key words during user testing using a computer’s built-in mic.

Designer Hangout is a place where UX designers can connect using Slack. Let’s up our numbers in the Japan channel!

Machine Learning is fun! a Medium article that really breaks the concept down without too much of the scary math.

Articulating Design Decisions : a book that is coming out in Japanese (and already in English) that will help designers explain their process and reasoning behind design choices.

All Talk & No Buttons an “A List Apart” article on conversational UI.

Design Crew is a messenger bot that helps find designers for simple tasks.

The Friction Fiction: an article about the necessity for some friction/discomfort in a user’s experience.

Google is hosting an (invite only) event called Span this October in Tokyo. It sounds like there will be a lot of great speakers in attendance, so you should go if you can snag an invite.

Coursera is a service where you can take courses/listen to lectures from top university’s online. Tom recommends Stanford’s Machine Learning course.

Hyper Island has put together a nifty toolbox of resources for designers and teams on their website.

Last but not least, we have a very visually engaging explanation of Machine Learning on r2d3.us.


Thanks again everyone! We look forward to seeing you at next month’s meeting.

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UX Talk Tokyo #29: “From Brazil! CI&T’s UX process” & “The UX of Horror”

Thanks as always to Gengo for hosting UX Talk Tokyo tonight. This evening’s presentations were as follows:

1) From Brazil! CI&T’s UX process + Lean & Agile enterprise development by Hiro Kawabuchi
CI&T is a global IT service company from Brazil helping digital initiatives of global enterprises such as Coca Cola, Google, Johnson&Johnson, etc. Having done every project in agile since 2007, the over 2000 employees company is still growing. At UX Talk, CI&T Japan members will introduce the latest UX process in enterprise agile that proceeds the actual development. Hiro is the Marketing and Comms guy at CI&T and is a rather awesome bassist, too.

2) The UX of Horror by Chris Pruett
Chris Pruett joined us from the USA, where he is the co-founder of Robot Invader, a game development studio in Silicon Valley, which released their first mystery/adventure game for VR, Dead Secret, last year. He is also the developer relations guy at Oculus, but most importantly for our event, Chris is a walking encyclopaedia of survival horror games and talked about the mechanics of games that get us scared!

During show and tell, we learned about a handful of interesting websites:

Canvas just released their new events page! Check in for exhibits, meet-ups, and more.

Fontastic assists users in creating icon fonts…. in minutes!

Brandcolors is the resource we all never knew we needed.

Simon Morse is a fascinating artist with a cynical take on design.

Team Lab and their amazing interactive art installations will be in Odaiba and Roppongi until the end of the month.


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UX Talk Tokyo #28: “Atomic Design” & “Rapid Collaborative UX Testing”

Thanks to all who made it out tonight to the 28th UX Talk Tokyo gathering! We’d also like to thank Gengo for hosting us on this drizzly Tuesday night.

This week’s talks were done by UX Talk Tokyo coordinators Tom Coombs and Ryan Barkataki:

1) Atomic Design
Tom talked about Atomic Design, a design philosophy that draws parallels between the elements of design and chemistry.

2) Rapid Collaborative User Testing
Ryan talked about an extremely quick method his company uses to test, get feedback AND report to clients all in ONE DAY!

Check out more about Ryan’s presentation here.

During our show and tell time, the following links were shared by members of the group:

Medium article “Stop the Overuse of Overflow Menus

Youpin – a Thai website that allows citizens to report city incidents to the local authorities with photos and drop pins

Related to tonight’s Atomic Design talk, a Japanese article about Atomic Design being used locally

Sidebar – a curated list of five design links that change daily

Scarfolk Council – a fake blog about a town in North West England. A great resource for fans of retro graphic design

Reflector – wireless mirror streaming program that can be useful for monitoring UX testing sessions

Ryan also talked more about iAD producer and a recent design challenge he completed with it.


The next meet-up is tentatively planned for August 25th. Pencil that into your schedules and check back here and on Doorkeeper for the official announcement! As always, we are looking for speakers who want to share a 15 minute presentation with the group. Whether you have a unique methodology, or want to teach everyone a new program, feel free to get in touch and we will get you up at our next gathering.

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UX Talk Tokyo #27: “Why Should I Wear This? Human-centered Value Propositions for Wearables” by Mario Ruiz and “Challenges in Qualitative Data Research” by Hiroyuki Shibata.

Thanks EGG Japan and Skyscanner for hosting us this month! With such a big presentation space, we had a pretty large turn out (and the view was great), so thank you all for coming out on a Tuesday night.


UX Talk Tokyo 27 UX Talk Tokyo 27 #2 UX Talk Tokyo 27 #3

For show and tell this month, the majority of shared links were to gaming apps including slither.io, a game where you play a worm endlessly eating, voi, a puzzle game, and perchang, a Rube Goldberg-esque game.

We also found out that a long-time UX Talk Tokyo supporter Robb Satterwhite has published a book, Tokyo Beyond Sushi.

Finally, a neat new prototyping tool call IAD Producer was briefly introduced. A how-to-use tutorial is planned for a future UX Talk Tokyo meeting.

Prototyping with iAd Producer from Linda Dong on Vimeo.

Look out for the next UX Talk Tokyo, which is planned for July 21st!

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UX Talk Tokyo #26

1) Managing Customer Loyalty with UX and CX by Naoki Endo.
Naoki Endo of BeBit talked about the relationship of UX and CX in relation to acquiring and keeping customers.

2) How Prototypes Speed Up the Design Process by Riomar McCartney
Rio talked about how a detailed prototype can speed up development, easily share visions, ideas and make a product more reliable when sending it to the development team.
Thanks Endo-san and McCartney-san for their talks last night, to Gengo for hosting and to everyone who came. Sorry for those who couldn’t get a space. We will be running some bigger events sooner to try and solve this problem.

Here are the links from Show-and-tell.

UX Strategy Forum
– Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum 2016 – May 27 in Ikebukuro

Tailor App
– Automatic stitching to create full length iOS screenshots

Tailor App

Prototyp – Rapid prototyping

The Future Is Near: 13 Design Predictions for 2017Article on the future of design from UX Mag.

Design Sight exhibition
Design Sight exhibition

画面メモSS – stitching app for capturing full length web pages on iOS devices.

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