UX Talk Tokyo hits 100 members

The big news is that our community is now 100 members!

Just for your calendar, the next event will be on 20 November. More details later.

Thanks to the typhoon-hardy who made it on Wednesday, especially to Takuya Yamauchi & Toyohiro Kanayama for their interesting talks, and as ever to Gengo for the space. Below is the attendance list for Wednesday’s UX Talk #3.

Hitoshi Enjoji Jan Rod Michael Hoydich Mikie Ooi Paul Cohen Richard Hatton, UX Designer Takuya Yamauchi, Web/server, Researcher, Software design, Media Art, UX Design Tom Coombs, UX Consultant Toyohiro Kanayama, UX Evangelist Trent McBride Tulga Amarsaikhan

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