UX Talk Tokyo #28: “Atomic Design” & “Rapid Collaborative UX Testing”

Thanks to all who made it out tonight to the 28th UX Talk Tokyo gathering! We’d also like to thank Gengo for hosting us on this drizzly Tuesday night.

This week’s talks were done by UX Talk Tokyo coordinators Tom Coombs and Ryan Barkataki:

1) Atomic Design
Tom talked about Atomic Design, a design philosophy that draws parallels between the elements of design and chemistry.

2) Rapid Collaborative User Testing
Ryan talked about an extremely quick method his company uses to test, get feedback AND report to clients all in ONE DAY!

Check out more about Ryan’s presentation here.

During our show and tell time, the following links were shared by members of the group:

Medium article “Stop the Overuse of Overflow Menus

Youpin – a Thai website that allows citizens to report city incidents to the local authorities with photos and drop pins

Related to tonight’s Atomic Design talk, a Japanese article about Atomic Design being used locally

Sidebar – a curated list of five design links that change daily

Scarfolk Council – a fake blog about a town in North West England. A great resource for fans of retro graphic design

Reflector – wireless mirror streaming program that can be useful for monitoring UX testing sessions

Ryan also talked more about iAD producer and a recent design challenge he completed with it.


The next meet-up is tentatively planned for August 25th. Pencil that into your schedules and check back here and on Doorkeeper for the official announcement! As always, we are looking for speakers who want to share a 15 minute presentation with the group. Whether you have a unique methodology, or want to teach everyone a new program, feel free to get in touch and we will get you up at our next gathering.

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