UX Talk Tokyo #29: “From Brazil! CI&T’s UX process” & “The UX of Horror”

Thanks as always to Gengo for hosting UX Talk Tokyo tonight. This evening’s presentations were as follows:

1) From Brazil! CI&T’s UX process + Lean & Agile enterprise development by Hiro Kawabuchi
CI&T is a global IT service company from Brazil helping digital initiatives of global enterprises such as Coca Cola, Google, Johnson&Johnson, etc. Having done every project in agile since 2007, the over 2000 employees company is still growing. At UX Talk, CI&T Japan members will introduce the latest UX process in enterprise agile that proceeds the actual development. Hiro is the Marketing and Comms guy at CI&T and is a rather awesome bassist, too.

2) The UX of Horror by Chris Pruett
Chris Pruett joined us from the USA, where he is the co-founder of Robot Invader, a game development studio in Silicon Valley, which released their first mystery/adventure game for VR, Dead Secret, last year. He is also the developer relations guy at Oculus, but most importantly for our event, Chris is a walking encyclopaedia of survival horror games and talked about the mechanics of games that get us scared!

During show and tell, we learned about a handful of interesting websites:

Canvas just released their new events page! Check in for exhibits, meet-ups, and more.

Fontastic assists users in creating icon fonts…. in minutes!

Brandcolors is the resource we all never knew we needed.

Simon Morse is a fascinating artist with a cynical take on design.

Team Lab and their amazing interactive art installations will be in Odaiba and Roppongi until the end of the month.


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