UX Talk #31: “Keeping Your Users in the Loop” by Hawken King & “GV Design Sprints” by Roy Husada

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our event last night in Ebisu! Indeed was very kind to offer their office as our event space this month. Thank you!!

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This month’s show-and-tell links are as follows:

Sneakpeekit is a free wireframe sketching template for those who like to start on paper before they jump to the screen.

This month, Figma launched. It is a browser-specific design tool that functions similarly to Sketch that includes real-time feedback and collaboration features.

Origami is a powerful design prototyping tool made by Facebook.

This month, we had two TV show recommendations. First is a Netflix Original called Black Mirror. We also recommened HBO’s show Westworld. Both shows use technology and sci-fi to tell their stories.

Try out this Facial recognition test to see just how good you are at remembering the people you meet each month at UX Talk Tokyo.

In relation to the first talk last night, the Design Sprint book has been translated into Japanese and can be purchased through Amazon.

Duco, an app that functions as a practical guide to running design sprints.

Bill Tribble’s article about this month’s Span conference.

The biggest PechaKucha event of the year is taking place this Wednesday (tomorrow), Oct 26th to kick-off Tokyo Designers Week.

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